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MK Loh

Hi! My name is MK Loh and this is ME!    ^_^

Hi there! My name is MK Loh, and I’m an Internet Marketer residing in Malaysia, who has done nothing but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2010. Back when I first got started, I’ve always wished that there will be someone who will show me the exact footprint of how to achieve the success that they’ve achieved.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone out there willing to show me their “blueprint” of success back then. Well, who will do that for free, right?

Well, this is exactly what I’m going to do in this blog. I’ll try out various traffic strategies and document them down as case studies in this website (with a clear bias towards SEO because that’s how I got started). =)

So, this is the first case study that I’m going to do for you…

I’m going to document and show you exactly what I do, step-by-step, as I attempt to drive 500 organic visitors per day to a brand new niche website — nothing held back!

But before I begin, let me tell you a little more about myself so that you can know me just a little better.


My Beginnings…

I was introduced to the Internet Marketing arena way back in 2009 after attending a preview talk from a guy who claimed to have dominated the Google Search Engines, channelling thousands of traffics to his website and generated $50,000 per month off those traffics.

I was only 24 back then and now that I think back, I couldn’t believe that I fell for hypes such as those. Honestly, I was lucky that I couldn’t afford his $5,000 SEO course back then. But because of his presentation, I made up my mind to give this SEO thingy a try. I rashly quitted my job, and determined to commence building my “Google Empire”.


My Early Days…

As I had only very vague ideas of how the SEO game works initially, I struggled throughout the year 2010 – the year when I first got started. I spent almost 16 hours a day in front of my laptop, and saw no results… No SERPs rankings, no sales… That was a real painful year… T.T

At that time, I was really hopeful that someone would show me a working “blueprint” on how to rank a keyword on Google. Out of desperation, I went further into debt (another rash decision) to pay a mentor to teach me the “how to’s”.

The mentorship worked out well and in no time, I gained massive Google rankings, and now I’m proud to announce that I’m living my life off the Internet, comfortably.


Giving Back to the Community

Of course, I’m still not owning big cars and homes, and am still way far from the millionaire mark. Heck, I’m not even making 5 digits a month!

But I think it’s now time for me to give back to the IM community. It is because of the continuous supports and encouragements that I’m getting from my mastermind team members and mentors that I manage to persist to this day. And I feel obliged to extend this chain of kindness to… you!


So, I hope that this blog is helpful to you in kick starting your Internet Marketing journey. If you’d love to know my opinion on anything related to SEO, please do not hesitate to Contact Me. I might consider dedicating an entire blog post to answer your questions. ^_^



To Your Internet Lifestyle,
MK Loh